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How to draw a turkey tutorial



Let`s learn how to draw a Turkey.

Turkey is a popular poultry. It originated from the domestication of wild turkeys. I was very sorry for these birds, because when I decided to read something about them on the Internet, all the information offered was just recipes for dishes from these delicious turkeys that turned out to be their trouble. But we will learn how to draw a live (yet) turkey.

How to draw a turkey

Step 1 – pencil sketch:

Turkey pencil sketch

Step 2 – outline the oval trunk – it is oriented horizontally:

Turkey drawing step by step

  Step 3 –  the conical neck is directed first slightly down, and then rises upward. A very small head looks like a chicken.

 Turkey drawing lesson

Step 4 – draw the legs. They are also completely chicken appearance. Or like a pheasant.

Turkey drawing step by step

Step 5 – the tail is pointing downwards. The  wings are densely folded on the arched back.

Turkey drawing

Step 6 – paint our picture. The turkey’s female looks  unattractive – the plumage is gray, slightly pockmarked.

Turkey colored picture

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