How to draw a Corella parrot tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Corella parrot.

In the wild, Corella parrots inhabit Australia. But since they are very pretty, well tamed, and even learn to speak, lovers breed them as decorative pets.

Corella is a crested parrot and is related to the cockatoo.

 Corella drawing lesson

In our picture, the parrot is facing the viewer, the head is turned in profile, the tail is in perspective. Yeah, the position is not easy, but not all birds should be drawn strictly in profile as in a textbook or encyclopedia.

Well, draw the body with the folded wings by the sides:

Corella drawing tutorial

Add a long tail fnd the legs. In parrots, toes are arranged in the same way as woodpeckers — two fingers are directed forward, two are backwards. This allows them to cling well to tree trunks and run steadily along the branches.

 Corella step by step drawing

And we are left to draw the head with beak and crest – here is much resemblance to their relatives cockatoo.

Corella parrot outline

Let`s color our Corella. The body has a gray color, the tail is dark, the head and crest are fair cream. On the cheeks there are bright orange spots like blush.

Corella parrot colored drawing

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