How to draw Australian ostriches emu and the cassowary

Let`s learn how to draw Australian ostriches emu and the cassowary. Although these birds are called ostriches in an old fashion, scientists do not consider them close relatives. Emu and cassowaries are cassowary.


How to draw an Emu – lesson 1

You agree that this great long-legged and long-necked bird is very similar to an ostrich. The same long and, as it were, humpbacked body:

Emu body drawing

Muscular strong legs. But there is a difference: real African ostriches have two toes on their legs, and their Australian counterparts have three.

Emu drawing step by step

Curved long neck is covered with rather long feathers. The head is tiny, but with a big strong beak.

Emu line drawing

In their structure, the feathers of these birds are more like animal wool.

Emu colored drawing

Emu drawing lesson 2

Emu drawing lesson

The body is like a gently sloping haystack. The wings, if they exist, are invisible, the tail is also like a bundle of hay.

Emu drawing tutorial

Powerful legs:

Emu drawing step by step

The neck is S-shaped.

Emu outline

When you paint, please stroke the feathers correctly – in the direction of their growth.

Emu colored drawing

Now you have learned to draw Emu.

How to draw a cassowary

How to draw a cassowary

Large oval body covered with long hair-like feathers:

Cassowary body drawing

Hanging feathers half close long powerful legs.

Cassowary step by step drawing

Compared with the cassowary emu neck is shorter and there are skin outgrowths. And the most characteristic feature of the exterior of the cassowary is a large horny growth on the head. This crest gives the cassowary a resemblance to a dinosaur.

Cassowary line drawing

The line drawing is ready and now it is necessary to paint it correctly.

Cassowary colored drawing

Now we have studied how to draw Australian ostriches – emu and cassowary.

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