Plant drawings

How to draw a Dahlia flower step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a dahlia flower. As always, I declare: the best way to draw something good and similar to that as in life, is to draw from nature. And not (for example) according to my step by step lessons. These lessons are needed rather for inspiration and so that you learn to

Learn How to draw a Date Palm Tree

Let`s learn how to draw a date palm tree. The date palm (lat. Phoenix dactylifera) is a tree species from the family of Palm (Palm). To be honest, looking from a distance, date palm is difficult to distinguish from, for example, the coconut palm. The date also has long pinnate leaves crowning its unbranched trunk

Learn how to draw a Coconut Palm Tree

Let’s learn to draw palm trees. There are many types of palm trees – all of them are thermophilic and grow in the tropics and subtropics. Although we call them trees, they are not like our usual trees.The palms have usually one trunk with a tuft of leaves at the end. The leaves can be

How to draw a Lily of the valleys from nature

We‘ve seen lilies of the valleys hundred of times and know what they look like. Or we think we know. Large dark green leaves and small flowers like white bells. Though…. the bluebells resemble bells. So , let’s draw a Lily of the valleys from nature, and not by vague memories. How to draw a

How to draw a realistic Banana plant

If you look at the banana,then immediately comes the idea-that’s a tree! But the joke is that a banana is grass in terms of botany. Big gigantic grass.And the banana is not a palm tree! A completely different, independent plant. And here I want to help children who do not live in warm areas and

How to draw Aloe step by step tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw Aloe. Do you know what is aloe?Yeah, well, what to ask – chances are you’ve already seen this plant a hundred times, it is often bred on windowsills.I dream to visit countries where aloe grows so simple in nature – it loves the hot climate. The most unusual in appearance

How to draw a Forest Background

As I teach children to draw and see the difficulty they have with drawing the forest, so now I will speak from this point of view – how to teach kids to draw a forest. First we should think for what purposew do we need forests in the picture. Artists – landscape painters draw forest