How to draw a Hen/Chicken

Let`s learn how to draw a hen – I mean it’s a female grown up chicken. I will write a separate lesson about how to learn how to draw young little chicks later.


How to draw a Hen – lesson 1

This hen does exactly what hens are constantly doing – searching for food on the ground.

In this position, the torso of the chicken looks completely triangular.

How to draw a hen body

Four-fingered legs stand steadily.

How to draw a chicken

The head is small. But it is visually enlarged with its beak.

Hen drawing lesson

In addition, there is a comb and other skin growths on the head.

Hen outline

Let’s color the resulting outline of a hen.

Colored hen drawing

Step-by-step Hen drawing lesson 2


Our model is a hen broiler:

Hen drawing

Draw a pencil sketch: Hen(chicken)step by step

The first thing that we will draw is the torso, you know we must start with the largest part.

I will not give a geometric definition of the shape of your body type it is oval or triangular. It has the shape of the body.

Hen torso drawing

Typically the hen legs are straight and slender to the knee. Higher we see hen thighs – they are really muscular. Hens have four fingers on their feet. Three toes are directed forward as a fan, and the fourth – backwards.

Hen legs drawing

Chickens have little brains and their heads are small. In profile we see only one chicken eye – right in the middle of the head. Chicken tail looks like a broom. Well, here is our Hen drawing. Hen drawing

However, our lesson is not over yet. Now let us learn how to draw a Hen head.

Hen(chicken) head drawing lesson

Hen head drawing

First, draw a sketch and denote eye and a beak:

Hen head sketch Hen beak drawing

And now as the hen has something to see and to eat with, we can do a little painting – draw a hen scallop and beard:

Hen head picture

Well, now you’ve learned how to draw a hen and its portrait.

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