How to draw a cuckoo tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a cuckoo.

When I was little and just starting to learn English, we memorized the rhyme: “cuckoo is near, cuckoo is hear, cuckoo cuckoo cries in the woods”. And why I do not know, but this poem touched me almost to tears. So it turned out that I love the cuckoo since childhood. Another thing is that I have never seen them live. Therefore, we will learn how to draw a cuckoo on a photo.

How to draw a Cuco – lesson 1

This cuckoo sits quietly on the stump:

Draw the torso, it has an oval shape. The back is covered with long folded wings:

How to draw a Cuco lesson

The neck is of medium length, the head is small and round. The beak is strong, slightly hooked at the end. The eye is round and with some kind of intense mad and malicious expression. Cuco drawing lesson

Draw the tail and legs. Cuckoo’s legs are short and fingers are located like woodpeckers and parrots – two of them are directed forward and two are backwards.

Cuco drawing step by step

A very striking feature of the appearance of an ordinary cuckoo is its coloring – just like a hawk! I think it’s a useful mimicry.

And this is how the cuckoo’s figure looks, if it is correctly colored: Cuco colored drawing

Now you have learned how to draw a Cuckoo!


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