Insect drawing

How to draw a butterfly on a flower tutorial

How to draw a butterfly on a flower. When a butterfly lands somewhere and sits for a while, it either folds the wings like a closed book, or spreads them out completely, or waves them up and down. I must say that the third option is the most natural and spectacular. That’s exactly the kind

Learn how to draw an Ant

Let`s learn how to draw an Ant. Ant is one of the most common insects along with fly and mosquito. There are many different species of ants, but the ant is a common ant, which we are accustomed to see everywhere from early spring to late autumn. Ant belongs to the order hymenoptera, like a

Learn how to draw a bumblebee

Let`s learn how to draw a bumblbee realistically. Bumblebee is a relative of well-known domesticated bee, and, further, of the wasp and even ant. They all belong to the order of hymenoptera. We can say that bumblebee resembles a flower. (Actually there are several insects of the different orders which resemble bumblebee, they call it

How to draw a Leaf Insect – Exotic Insects drawing

Let us learn how to draw a leaf insect. As well as the stick insects, the leaf insects belong to the range of Phasmatodea, or ghost insects. Their lifestyles are similar, same clumsiness, motionlessness, apathy of vegetable existence. But if the first ones are pretending the twigs and branches, the latter look a lot like

How to draw a Black Widow Spider realistically

Spiders are not insects and we put them into the same category just because of some external similarities. Let us learn how to draw the black widow spider hanging on its web. Black widow is a spider from North America well known for the reason of its strong and dangerous venom. By the way, do