How to draw an Easter bunny

How to draw an Easter bunny

What do you need:

  • A5 journal
  • Black waterproof pens, size 05 and 01
  • Pencil and eraser

Step 1

To begin, draw a slightly flattened circle for the head, and a peanut shaped body. Use a pencil, and draw lightly, so your lines can be erased later

Step 2

Next, sketch in the ears and legs. Draw a circle for the lower leg, and add a foot. The ears are two oblong oval shapes

Step 3

Erase the lines where places overlap, such as where the ears meet the head, and the arm crosses the body. Indent the face a little bit. Next, divide the head into quarters, and place the facial features as shown

Step 4

Time to refine the drawing, and add the final cute details. Give him a bow on his neck, and a flower to hold. Details like this make the drawing more personal, so the viewer can feel a connection to the subject. Don’t forget to add his fluffy tail!

Step 5

To finish, go over your pencil lines with the pens. I use the thicker pen, the 05, to do the outlines, and the thinner pen, the 01, for details. Let the ink dry thoroughly, then erase the pencil lines. Add color if you wish

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