How to draw budgers

Let’s learn how to draw badgers belonging to three species – the common badger, the honey badger and the American badger. I didn’t want to write three separate articles because they are relatives, and let them be together, just the three drawing lessons.

We will draw all the animals in the classic sequence: first we sketch, then draw the torso, then the back legs and tail, then the front legs and finally the head.


Common Badger drawing

Although badger seems to be good-natured goof, but they say he can stand up for himself.


Pencil sketch:

Draw the torso:

Badger torso drawing

Hind legs and tail:

Common Badger step by step

Front legs:

Badger drawing -13

Conical snout with small ears:

Budger face drawing

And here’s the whole picture:

Badger drawing

Reminds me of a bear, but we will paint our badger correctly and it will become recognizable.

Badger colored drawing

Honey badger step by step drawing lesson

Honey badger pencil outline

Wow! We immediately see that it is better not to mess with this honey badger. Rather dangerous animal in appearance.

Honey Badger step by step

Draw the rear legs:

Honey Badger hind legs drawing

The badger is a plantigrade and clubfoot a bit.

Honey Badger drawing lesson

The muzzle is not long, but wide. The ears are large and not on top but on the sides of the face. Facial expression is sinister, reminiscent of the mongoose, hyena or wolverine.

Honey Badger face

Honey badger has a very original coloring: back and neck are white, the abdomen and legs are black.

Honey badger line drawing

Let’s paint the picture correctly:

Honey badger picture

Honey badger drawing lesson 2

General pencil plan:

Honey badger drawing lesson

Refine the scheme:

Honey badger pencil diagram

Further we draw step by step in the classical sequence.

Body and short tail:

Honey badger body drawing

Hind legs:

Honey badger drawing tutorial

Front legs:

Honey badger step by step drawing tutorial

Conical head:

Honey badger outline

In appearance, the honey badger is very similar to wolverine. And the colors are similar.

Honey badger colored drawing

And finally, let’s draw an American badger.

American Badger drawing lesson

American badger pencil sketch

American badger drawing -2

American badger drawing - 3

As you can see, he is very similar to a common badger:

American badger drawing 4

But there is a difference in the colors of the face. The black bars are not only via eyes, but there are still stains on the cheeks.

American badger face drawing

Here’s how it looks:

American badger drawing

Well, you’ve now learned how to draw three types of badgers.

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