How to draw a Sea Lion and a Fur Seal

Let’s learn how to draw a sea lion and a fur sea. You may ask: why two animals at once? I’ll answer honestly: these eared seals are very similar to each other. Sea lions are larger. Perhaps there are other differences,but there need to be a specialist. In General, we will draw the eared seals. They differ from common seals because they have visible auricle( very small and inconspicuous).

Mature males of sea lions and fur seals look very presentable and have a mane.

sea lion drawing in colors

Well,this one is so powerful, it is undoubtedly a sea lion.

Sea lion drawing lesson

Sea lion pencil sketch

When the pencil sketch is ready, start to draw the torso – largest part of the animal.
Sea Lion drawing for kids

Frankly the neck and chest look much stronger than the rest of the body.

Sea lion step by step

The front flippers are very large and strongly turned outwards.

The rear fins are smaller.

Sea lion drawing 13

The muzzle is quite a dog, the mouth is openeda sea lion roaring! Sea lion drawing

Simple sea lions and fur seals also love to adopt such a posture – wrung from the earth on the front flippers and head up.

Sea lions and fur seals

Well, here is the second step by step tutorial – how to draw a sea lion/fur seal.

Fur seal Sea lion/fur seal Sea lion/fur seal drawing step by step

And here is the picture in full growth:

Sea Lion drawing

Okay, these were lying sea lions and seals. But unlike common seals that are on land barely crawl on their belly, eared seals know how to WALK. Yes! They use fins as feet and walk well on four legs.

Walking sea lion drawing

I really like this idea and now we will learn how to draw a walking sea lion.

Fur seal

Although the animal looks almost like a walking fish, bear in mind that the limbs have a common structure, they’re just shortened and hidden in the thickness of the fat. Sea lion/fur seal walking

The fins are turned out pretty weird:

Walking sea lion drawing

Head held high, muzzle stretched out to the sky:

Sea lion and fur seal drawing

We have not learned to distinguish between sea lions and seals, but we learned how to draw them.

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