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How to draw an Octopus step by step

Let`s learn how to draw an Octopus. Octopus is a mollusk, related to snails and slug but it is a sea animal. If I may say so, the octopus is a very intelligent creature, at least, the brain of an octopus is much stronger than the brain of any mollusk. Octopus has no internal or

How to draw a Crab – step by step tutorial

This article is of the series – how to draw crustaceans. Here is the turn to crab. Different Crabs can live in marine, freshwater and even on land. It is clear that before starting to teach you how to draw any animal, I must first learn myself. When I studied drawing of a crab, I

How to draw a shrimp step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a shrimp. Let’s just agree that we’re looking at shrimp, not as a delicacy. Our approach is not consumer-oriented. We love and respect all fauna and those of decapod crustaceans including. As for me,I felt special sympathy for the shrimp once met one of them. This shrimp lives in the

How to draw a Sea Lion and a Fur Seal

Let’s learn how to draw a sea lion and a fur sea. You may ask: why two animals at once? I’ll answer honestly: these eared seals are very similar to each other. Sea lions are larger. Perhaps there are other differences,but there need to be a specialist. In General, we will draw the eared seals.

How to draw a White Polar Bear

Let`s learn how to draw a white bear. In fact, there are several varieties of polar bears, but today I have prepared for you lessons about drawing most white of them – a polar bear. The polar bear lives in the North and spends a lot of time at sea hunting fish and seals. The

How to draw a Sea Horse Fish

Let`s learn how to draw a sea horse. They look very strange but mostly they have a very similar appearance. As you can see these fish are very similar to a chess figure of a horse only it still has spirally twisted tail. Contents 1 Sea horse drawing step by step 2 Seahorse drawing –

How to draw a jellyfish(medusa)

Let`s learn how to draw a jellyfish. This animal is also called medusa. Jelly-fishes diverse in appearance and have a very strange structure and lifestyle. Contents 1 Jelly-fish drawing – lesson 1 2 Jellyfish drawing lesson 2 3 How to draw a Jellyfish – lesson 3 Jelly-fish drawing – lesson 1 The body of a