How to draw a Crab – step by step tutorial

This article is of the series – how to draw crustaceans. Here is the turn to crab. Different Crabs can live in marine, freshwater and even on land.
It is clear that before starting to teach you how to draw any animal, I must first learn myself. When I studied drawing of a crab, I read a lot of information about the structure and life of these decapod. Very interesting animals, but Idon`t intend to tell you much – too complex scientific terminology. For example, Cluster means that the crab has jaw on the thorax, and thorax means chest.

So I’ll just mention that in contrast to crayfish,crabs, called tailless, their abdomen curled under the thorax and clinging tightly to it, therefore, when viewed from above there is no hint of a tail. But enough biology, it is time to move to our tutorial -how to draw a sea crab turned to face us.

Crab drawing – lesson 1

Crab drawing 1

Step 1 -crab pencil sketch:

Crab pencil sketch

Step 2 -draw thorax:

Crab step by step

Draw the legs in pairs:

Crab`s legs drawing

And one more pair of legs:

Step by step Crab drawing

Crabs have claws only on one pair of legs. We don’t see jaws, but on the front of the thorax stick out stalked eyes:

Crab drawing 13

And another lesson.

How to draw a crab turned away from us:

 colored drawingCrab

Click images to enlarge:

Crab sketch 13 Crab thorax drawing
Crab`s hind legs Crab legs drawing

Crab drawing 7

The variety of crabs is not limited by these pictures, but something we have learned. And here are two drawings of crabs that my son drew for you. Crab drawing

And another picture of a crab in the sea:

Crab drawing

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