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How to draw a sea animal Squid

Let us learn how to draw a sea(water) animal – squid. Squid, like an octopus, is a mollusk – a distant relative of a common snail. Gigantic squid reaches up to 16 meters length and so it is considered as largest invertebrate (spineless) animal in the world. Squid is a predator. It can be dangerous

How to draw a Crayfish tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a crayfish. It belongs to crustaceans, as well as crab and lobster. “Crayfish” is a name given to a large number of different species which are similarly constructed but vary in coloring, shape and size. Our one is a common crawfish taken from the river: Even though crayfish lives on

Realistic Octopus coloring pages

When I learned how to draw an octopus, I thought it best to consolidate my skills, because learning to draw takes a lot of practice. While I was training I gathered a whole collection of Octopus coloring pages for you. Here it is: As you can see,all these coloring pages are realistic. Sometimes I draw

How to draw a Crab – step by step tutorial

This article is of the series – how to draw crustaceans. Here is the turn to crab. Different Crabs can live in marine, freshwater and even on land. It is clear that before starting to teach you how to draw any animal, I must first learn myself. When I studied drawing of a crab, I

How to draw a common seal

Let`s learn how to draw a Seal. In addition to common seals, there are eared. But today we are going to draw those seals whose ears are completely invisible. The seals are marine animals. Living in the cold seas they are well adapted to low temperatures: they have warm fur and powerful fat deposits under

How to draw a Carp Fish

Let`s learn how to draw a Carp. We continue the theme – how to draw a fish. Carp is a relative of the sazan, just more domesticated. Carp can live in rivers and lakes.If the carp lives in running water, it has a more elongated torso and in still water carp is short and thick.

How to draw a realistic Frog

Let`s learn how to draw a Frog. Can you imagine the appearance of a frog? Offhand most of us will say: the frog is green and roundeye. And start to remember the frogs from cartoons. But honestly, it is better to remember, the way these frogs appear in the swamp. Yes, pop-eyed, but not very