How to draw a Crayfish tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a crayfish.

It belongs to crustaceans, as well as crab and lobster. “Crayfish” is a name given to a large number of different species which are similarly constructed but vary in coloring, shape and size. Our one is a common crawfish taken from the river:

Crayfish drawing

Even though crayfish lives on the very bottom in the silt and mud, it is very vulnerable and sensitive and can`t endure the water spoiled by contemporary factories. Сrayfish is omnivorous and feeds on plants, worms, insects and even carrion. It is nocturnal and spends the day in the burrow, which may be very long – more then a metre! Its movements are clumsy while walking, but if need, crawfish is able to swim way backwards.

Crayfish drawing tutorial 1

To begin let’s draw a schematic sketch:

crawfish drawing

Visibly crayfish resembles scorpion, and has similar claws. Its body consists of two sections – cephalothorax (we know that it means head+chest) and abdomen. cephalothorax is covered with panzer, and seems to be solid. Actually it is composed of segments but you can see them only if you turn the animal on its back.


Abdomen consists of six visible segments, the last segment has fins which are fan shaped and resemble the tail of a fish.

Cephalothorax with abdomen

Now draw four pairs of walking legs:

Crayfish drawing 13

There is a sharp growth on the panzer above the head of crayfish. Its mouthparts are very complicated, moreover, there are two long antennae and two protuberant eyes on the mobile stalks. Crayfish`s claws are wider and bigger than the Scorpion. They are attached to the bottom of cephalothorax as the rest eight legs.

Crayfish drawing

We have learned the first lesson -How to draw a Crayfish, but don`t stp -here is the second drawing tutorial for you/

Crayfish step by step drawing 2

Crayfish picture 13

Click the images to enlarge:

Crawfish pencil sketch


Segmented abdomen

Cephalothorax and abdomen

Eight walking legs

Head with eyes and antennae

And here’s a wonderful picture turned out – Crayfis – just like a real:

Crayfish drawing 49

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