How to draw a Carp Fish

Let`s learn how to draw a Carp. We continue the theme – how to draw a fish.

Carp is a relative of the sazan, just more domesticated. Carp can live in rivers and lakes.If the carp lives in running water, it has a more elongated torso and in still water carp is short and thick. Carp feed on crustaceans,worms and fish. In winter they are covered with a layer of mucus and hibernate. The body of a carp is covered with a dense layer of scales.But there are species generally glabrous or with a few huge scales.

Biological aspects we have discussed, turn to the first lesson -how to draw carp.

Carp drawing step by step

Carp drawing

Start with a pencil draft:

Carp fish pencil drawing

The body broadly-oval,with a pronounced back hump. The abdomen is relatively flat. The head is large.

Carp body outline

The caudal fin is large and forked. At the beginning of the dorsal fin has a long spine. On the underside of the fish has paired pectoral and pelvic fins and a single anal fin. The head is triangular in shape, round eyes set in the center. Around the mouth there are two pairs of antennaetentacles.


Carp drawing

Well, we have learned to draw carp – side view, but this picture is very simple and more appropriate as an illustration in a textbook. If we want to create expressive dynamic way, we need to learn how to draw carp in motion.

Carp drawing tutorial 2

Carp drawing

Click images in the gallery and enjoy them one by one:

Carp pencil sketch Carp body outline
Carp drawing Carp fish drawing step by step

And here is our carp drawing:

Carp picture

What a magnificent specimen. Let him live, I don’t want him caught fishing. Cfrpdrawing lesson 3 Carp fish pencil drawing Carp drawing tutorial
Carp body drawing How to draw a Carp fish

And here is the resulting Carp outline:

Carp outline(coloring picture)

If you are too lazy to draw a carp step by step, then you can simply consider this picture as a coloring and color it:

Carp colored picture.

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