How to draw a sea animal Squid

Let us learn how to draw a sea(water) animal – squid.

Squid, like an octopus, is a mollusk – a distant relative of a common snail. Gigantic squid reaches up to 16 meters length and so it is considered as largest invertebrate (spineless) animal in the world.

Squid is a predator. It can be dangerous to humans. Even today there are a lot of myths about the squids which are larger than the island (kraken).

But the myths we will discuss later, for now our goal is to learn how to draw a sguid. And here is a step by step tutorial for you/

I advise you -when are you going to draw anything, you should at first make the pencil sketch.

Just a few lines, and you have clear concept of the future picture and understand whether you captured the proportions of the displayed image. Pencil sketch of a squid

Here is a sample of a little squid for you.

Step by step squid

The largest part of its body is so called mantle of streamlined shape, with a triangle swimming fin on each side of it. Step by step drawing of a Squid

This mantle thickens from the head part to the part of the fins, but there abruptly narrows conically. The squid moves through the water column in a particular way. The animal sucks the water in its mantle cavity, and then pushes it out in a strong jet (principle of jet propulsion). Its head with immense round eyes is big and wide. It is visibly parted from the mantle. The squid got five pairs of the arms, the fourth pair is elongated. Squid drawing 3

Its arms which are supplied with the suction cups, are not very long, if to compare with octopus`s arms. Arms are attached to the front end of the head. Mouth of the squid, which is placed between the arms, is invisible on our picture.

Squid drawing

Like an octopus, it changes its color to the color of environment. Bottom side of the squid is always lighter than the top side. But, having inside something like elongated bone plates it is not able to change its shape.Even though great squids are dangerous, our one is humble and peaceful, so we`ll leave it safe and sound. Now you have learned how to draw a squid. And now I`lldraw a picture of a squid on my own without a photo:

Squid drawing

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