Birds drawing

How to draw a swallow

Hi! If you’re here, it means you want to learn how to draw a swallow. They have long been regarded as God”s birds: when the Jews crucified Christ, the nimble swallows managed to steal their nails. That is why a swallow is honored among many nations of the world nowadays. In Ukraine the Swallows are

How to draw a swan

We decided to learn how to draw a swan. But what kind of a bird is this? There are a lot of different stories about swans. They are depicted in poems and paintings. For a humankind swan is a symbol of purity and grace, wisdom and revival. It is not hard to imagine if to

Learn how to draw a Vulture

Let`s learn how to draw a vulture realistically.Vulture is a large bird. Visually slightly recalling the eagles and other birds of prey, vultures are scavengers and feed on carcasses of large animals. It’s worth seeing, in indescribable heat of the African noon, several vultures soaring on their wings motionless for hours. What are they doing

How to draw a domestic Goose

Let`s learn how to draw a goose. Geese can be wild, but we are going to draw a domestic one. Let’s start with the simplе picture: Goose standing still. Contents 1 Goose drawing lesson – 1 2 Goose drawing step by step 2 3 Walking goose drawing lesson 4 Flying Goose drawing 5 How to

How to draw a pheasant tutorial

There are many types of pheasants in the world. I watched the Golden and silver pheasants in the zoo. These birds of Paradise. The silver one looked very stylish and elegant and Golden pheasant struck with his splendor. These were males. Female pheasants look quite modestly. Let`s learn how to draw a Golden pheasant. Golden

How to draw a Hen/Chicken

Let`s learn how to draw a hen – I mean it’s a female grown up chicken. I will write a separate lesson about how to learn how to draw young little chicks later. Contents 1 How to draw a Hen – lesson 1 2 Step-by-step Hen drawing lesson 2 3 Hen(chicken) head drawing lesson How

Learn how to draw a bald Eagle head

Let`s learn how to draw a bald Eagle head. Just want to mention that in the profile this eagle looks much more impressive. During training, you`d better precede any drawing with the sketch.I am an artist for many years. But I still make pencil sketches almost always. Well done sketch is your trusty cheat sheet.