Learn how to draw a Vulture

Let`s learn how to draw a vulture realistically.Vulture is a large bird. Visually slightly recalling the eagles and other birds of prey, vultures are scavengers and feed on carcasses of large animals. It’s worth seeing, in indescribable heat of the African noon, several vultures soaring on their wings motionless for hours. What are they doing at this altitude? They are looking for the carrion. But fist we will learn how to draw an Andean vulture.


Andean condor on the rock drawing lesson

Step 1 – pencil sketch:

Andean condor pencil sketch




We can not indicate the shape of the bodyit is hidden under the large wings folded on the back of the vulture.

Vulture body drawing

Vulture legs seem powerful, but in reality they are weak.
Vulture drawing lesson Add a short tail: Andean condor drawing Draw the head with a large beak and a curved neck: Andean condor drawing And now let’s color the vulture. Andean condor colored drawing Note that in General the plumage is dark, and the neck and head skin is bare and red. Now we can move on to learning how to draw a flying vulture.

Vulture drawing – lesson 2

Andean condor pencil outline -2

Condor soars on wings spread.

Draw the body of the vulture:

Vulture body drawing -2

The head is drawn into the shoulders:

Flying vulture drawing

Legs are stretched back and pinched to the belly:

Andean condor in flight drawing

Draw a left wing with fan-like feathers:

Vulture wings drawing

The right wing we see in the foreshortening:

Andean condor line drawing

Color as in the photo:

Andean condor in flight drawingSo, you learned how to draw one of the vultures – an andean condor.

We present to your attention one more vulture drawing lesson.

Flying vulture drawing step by step

Flying Vulture picture

The picture of flying vulture is very impressive, isn`t it! Actually this one is in the beginning of its flight, because while soar is no need to flap the wings – they clearly rectified on the sides of the body, like a glider, and a vulture hovers in circles.

flying Vulture outline

Its wings are extremely long, almost three times longer than the body, and enough wide. The torso is big with wide and strong chest`s muscles which are able to cope with this such immense wings.

Step by step vulture drawing.

You see that the several longest feathers on the outside end of the wing are parted one from another.

Vulture wings drawing

On the other hand, the tail of the vulture is not very long. The legs are long, but as the eyewitnesses say, they are so weak that sometimes break when the vulture is landing. Look at the way bird carries them on the flight – not bended, but not entirely straightened. Vulture`s neck is long, thin, naked, and curved S-shaped even in the flight. Its head is small with curved beak.

 Flying Vulture picture

Now you know how to draw a vulture, so go ahead and draw your vulture masterpieces.

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