How to draw a domestic Goose

Let`s learn how to draw a goose. Geese can be wild, but we are going to draw a domestic one.

Let’s start with the simplе picture: Goose standing still.


Goose drawing lesson – 1

How to draw a goose

Draw the torso:

Goose drawing step by step

The neck is pointing up.

Goose drawings and pictures.

Draw the wings:

Goose drawing 17

And here is our Goose picture^

Goose drawing 19

Goose drawing step by step 2

Standing Goose is rather tall than wide, so you need to place the sheet vertically.

First make a pencil sketch. I outlined in red the scheme of the goose structure.

Goose pencil scheme

The torso of the bird is large and massive. And standing goose is not quite horizontal, but rather at a slight angle.

Goose pencil scheme

Breast goiter and bulging belly, and the stomach even droops:

Goose drawing lesson

The neck is long, strong at base, slightly arched, tapering towards head.

The legs of standing goose are shifted closer to the rear of the torso, they are quite short, with big strong fingers. The wings are folded on it`s back as, for example, a person folds his hands behind his back.

Step bystep goose drawing lesson

The goose head is relatively small, the beak of some breeds with a wart at the base of the narrow and elongated.

Goose line drawing

And now we shall color our picture:

Goose colored drawing -2

Walking goose drawing lesson

Step 1.

Goose pencil scheme

Step 2.

Goose step by step drawing lesson

Step 3.

Walking Goose drawing 13

Step 4.

Walking goose drawing

Walking goose colored drawing:

Domestic goose picture

Geese are birds, and though domesticated, still have not forgotten how to fly. Well, here is our next tutorial:

Flying Goose drawing

Flying goose picture

Click the images to enlarge.

Flying goose drawing 1 Step by step flying goose
Flying goose drawing 3 Goose drawing step by step

And here is our flying Goose picture:

Flying goose picture

How to draw the head of a goose

Recently I found a photo of a goose head with open beak. The world will never be the same – look at those TEETH!

Goose head drawing

Well, I knew that the geese love to pinch. They’ll probably peck.

Goose head drawing step-by-step

But even my wild imagination could not tell me that geese bite. They have a full mouth of teeth and even the tongue is studded with long thorns.

Goose head drawing step by step


Now, I hope, you have learned well – how to draw a goose. And if we paint, we get the real jaws of the monster.

Goose head drawing in colors

Yes, here they are, these domestic geese. Now we have learned how to draw geese truthfully.

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