Learn how to draw a bald Eagle head

Let`s learn how to draw a bald Eagle head.

Just want to mention that in the profile this eagle looks much more impressive.
During training, you`d better precede any drawing with the sketch.I am an artist for many years. But I still make pencil sketches almost always. Well done sketch is your trusty cheat sheet.

And now it will be easy for you to draw. The head of the eagle has the shape of a pear.The back of the head is round, the forehead is large but very sloping: Bald Eagle head drawing The beak is large and hooked. And you understand that the lower part of the beak is straight, this upper mandible is such a huge and bent down, looming over the mandible. Eagle head drawing for kids. In profile we see only one eye.It is located near the upper mandible. Please do not place the eye on the forehead or on the temple. The eye itself is round, but frowning brow makes the eagle extremely severe facial expression: Bald Eagle head drawing in profile Draw dark shadowsthe eagle has become more powerful and confident. Eagle head drawing Yes, so here he is in profile – the bald eagle. And what is it in front? Eagle head

Hmm hmm, in this photo he doesn’t seem in the mood. Nevertheless, we will try to draw a full face as well.

We will do a neat haircut and make a stately expression of the eyes. Eagle Head drawing - front view Eagle Head -front view
Bald eagle Head drawing step by step Bald Eagle Head step by step

Here is a full face portrait it turned out harsh and powerful.

Bald Eagle Head drawing

Now yoy have learned how to draw a Bald Eagle head -in profile and full face.

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