How to draw a blackbird tutorial

How to draw a blackbird.

In the world there are many different species of thrushes. For the most part, they differ in the nature of food and color. The one with the fully black plumage is called the blackbird.

Now we will draw this blackbird step by step. Let’s start with a preliminary outline. Never skip this step – the sketch is the most important in the art of drawing.

The body has an oval shape.

Blackbird body drawing

The head is quite ordinary for birds, round with a strong beak and large eyes. I reviewed a lot of photos of blackbirds and noticed that this position is typical for them – the neck is pulled into the shoulders, and the head is raised up.

Blackbird drawing step by step

Draw the wings folded on the back and a relatively small tail.

Blackbird drawing lesson

Thin legs set steadily. The paw looks classically – three fingers are pointed forward, one back. The fingers themselves are sinewy, with hooked claws at the ends.

Blackbird line drawing

Colorize our drawing of a blackbird. Feathers have a raven color with a metallic outflow. Beak is yellow. Legs are pinkish-gray.

Blackbird colored drawing

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