How to draw a Pelican tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Pelican.

The Pelican is similar in part to the egret and marabou,but differs from them in short legs and a big fish sack under the beak. Like other water birds Pelican can swim, walk on land and flies well.

Let’s first draw a Pelican walking on the ground.

Pelican drawing – lesson 1

Always start drawing from the pencil sketch. Always! We need to get an idea about the future of drawing in general. Do not attempt to start drawing some part – head, torso or legs,if you have no plan – general sketch.

Pelican sketch

But the sketch is.Look at it with a critical eye. Think – is there any similarity and whether the proportions are correct.

Now you can proceed to the drawing. Pelican has a large clumsy body and a long mobile neck. The tail is short and blunt.

Walking Pelican drawing

On the head the most notable feature is a beak bag. The eyes are large and bulging look ridiculous and crazy.

Pelican head drawing

When walking, the wings are folded back. The legs of the Pelican are short and strong. Between the fingers there are swimming membranes.

Pelican drawing-13

Well, it was easy to draw this picture – it’s pretty simple. Another thing is to draw a Pelican in flight.

Flying Pelican drawing

Flying Pelican sketch

Well, the sketch is pretty good – move on to drawing.

The body is almost oval. During the flight it is not placed vertically and not horizontally, but at an angle. Legs are directed backwards and slightly pressed against the body. The neck is strongly curved like the letter S.Flying Pelican step by step

The head looks very large with a long beak.

Pelican drawing lesson

The Pelican is a very large bird, it can weigh up to 14 kilograms. It is clear that he needs very big wings for a good flight.

Flying Pelican line drawing

The ends of the feathers on the wings are dark. The beak and the skin on the head are colored very brightly.

Pelican drawing in colors

Now you know how to draw a Pelican.


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