How to draw a Starling tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Starling.

It is believed that the Starling is a very common bird. It lives almost everywhere and people even specifically settled starlings because they valued their ability to kill insects and protect crops. Another issue is that starlings do not mind to eat the grain and fruit and can cause serious damage to harvest. In General, people’s attitude towards starlings is very contradictory.

Starling drawing – lesson 1

Starling pencil sketch

This sketch already shows you exactly how we will continue to draw,so never draw directly without preliminary drawing.

When the structure of the Starling it is clear to us,we can safely draw the details:oval body, tail and short neck.

Starling step by step

Large head with strong beak.

Starling drawing step by step

Add legs:

Starling legs drawing

And here’s the pictures in general:

Starling line drawing

Only here to ensure that this bird is the Starling, we need to paint it correctly. Starlings have black-brown color with a metallic sheen.But it’s not all – old, worn feathers are white at the ends. Therefore, starlings look speckled.

Starling colored drawing


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