How to draw a partridge tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a partridge.

The ptarmigan belongs to the order galliformes and is a relative of the pheasant. But unlike pheasants, partridges look very simple – no embellishments and unnecessary details.

Oval body, small head and short legs – this is the portrait of partridge. Some diversity is represented only in the color of the feathers. Partridges live in the vast tundra in the summer and have a speckled colour,and in winter they are white.

First, let’s learn how to draw a gray partridge. It is simply called grey, in fact, this bird here is this:

Partridge drawing

Despite the fact that the picture is simple, let’s start drawing on the rules – first pencil sketch.

Grey partridge pencil sketch

Draw the torso:

Grey partridge torso drawing

Draw a small head with a tiny beak.

Grey partridge step by step

Partridge`s legs are quite short and the wings too.

Grey partridge drawing

The second lesson is about how to draw Arctic partridge.

Arctic partridge drawing

It lives farther North and has a very white plumage and besides, its legs are covered with feathers to the claws. These feathers are designed to insulate the feet and to help the partridge to walk on deep snow without sinking.

Click images to enlarge:

Arctic partridge pencil sketch Arctic partridge torso drawing Arctic partridge step by step drawing

It is very easy to draw a partridge – just four steps. Now draw heavily feathered legs and the Partridge is ready.

Arctic partridge drawing

Well, now you know how to draw a Partridge.

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