How to draw a Rook tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Rook. We have an omen that the rooks arrive and bring spring with them. Even if everywhere there are snowdrifts and frost, the appearance of rooks predicts warmth and the revival of nature. And then they start to build their nests out of twigs and so they make noise and racket that is necessary to keep your ears! I really like rooks.

How to draw a rook walking on the ground

The figure of the rooks resembles a crow and a raven.

First draw the body:

Rook body drawing

Wings folded on the back, we have depicted. Now draw the tail.

Rook drawing step by step

Round head with a large sharp beak:

Rook drawing lesson

Strong powerful legs:

Rook line diagram

If you look at line drawing of a rook, then it can be confused with a crow. But now we will paint the picture and it will immediately become clear who is who. Rooks are usually black (with a purple tint) and adults have a white beak.

Rook colored drawing/

Flying rook drawing lesson

Rook takes off or lands.

Flying rook pencil sketch

Step 1 – body.

Flying rook drawing step by step

Step 2 -at the front end of the body, draw a head with a beak and an eye, draw a tail on the back. :

Flying rook head drawing

Step 3 -draw in detail the wing that is closer to us:

Rook ing drawing

Step 4 -draw the second wing and the legs:

Flying rook outline

Step 5 -add black color:

Rook colored picture


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