How to draw a Seagull tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Seagull.

Although this bird is called a Seagull, they thrive also in the interior of the continent. For example in our town located near a small river they feed on human handouts like pigeons all summer.

Gull is a very numerous genus that includes different species. As a rule, they are large or medium-sized birds with grey or white plumage, often with black markings on the head or wings. Distinguishing characteristics are a strong beak, slightly curved at the end, and well-developed swimming membranes on their feet.

Sitting Seagull drawing step by step

I wondered whether birds with webbed feet to sit on the branches. It turned out, they are able.

How to draw a seagull.

But first we start to draw the torso. Tail of moderate length, wings folded neatly on the back.

Sitting seagull drawing

The neck is fairly long and agile.The head is round with a big beak and round the watchful eyes.

Gull drawing

The legs are rather strong. Webbed fingers are bended and tightly clasp the prop.

Seagull drawing

Well,it’s a seated Seagull picture. Tomorrow we will learn how to draw a flying Seagull.

Step-by-step drawing of a flying Seagull

Well, tomorrow has come and our Seagull went in flight.

Flying seagull drawing

Seagull hovering in the sky its wings widely spread. We look at the bird from below.

he trunk is oval, the neck flows smoothly into a small head with pointed beak. Flying Seagull

Wings large and rather narrow, they form a line resembling a bow. The legs are directed backwards and pressed against the tail:

Flying gull drawing

In general, flying seagull drawing looks like this:

Flying seagull drawing

Now you have learned how to draw a Seagull.

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