How to draw a fieldfare tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a fieldfare.

We have already learned how to draw one of the thrushes – the blackbird. And today we are going to study its relative – fieldfare( snowbird).

Fieldfare drawing lesson 1

Whatever you draw, at first you always need the most general outline.

How to draw a snowbird

If this sketch is correct, then it can be clarified.

Thrush pencil drawing

Now it remains only to make the picture jf the fieldfare clearer and more contrast.

Draw the body. At the same stage we will draw a wing and a tail.

Thrush drawing step by step

Thrushes have quite normal neck length, but they love to pull their heads into their shoulders.

Fieldfare drawing lesson

Feet look typically birdlike.

Fieldfare outline

Well, we drew a linear thrush pattern. But we need a Thrush Fieldfare. Here is how it is described by ornithologists: the plumage on the top and the outer part of the neck is gray, the back is chestnut, the wings and tail are dark, almost black. The breast is light, with a touch of sand color and small black feathers.

Fieldfare colored drawing

Thrush Fieldfare drawing lesson 2

General scheme:

How to draw Thrush Fieldfare

Clarify pencil drawing:

Thrush pencil drawing

Next we will draw in stages.

Body, tail and the left wing:

Fieldfare drawing

Add round head with large eye and strong beak:

Thrush drawing tutorial

Slender legs with long, clawed toes:

Thrush Fieldfare outline

And let`s color our thrush outline:

Thrush Fieldfare colored drawing

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