How to draw an ibis bird

Let`s learn how to draw a bird ibis. You, of course, know what kind of bird it is – it is especially famous for the fact that in ancient Egypt it was considered the incarnation of the god of wisdom Thoth. And besides, I am very impressed by the fact that medieval “plague doctors” wore ibis masks. In general, ibis is a very interesting bird and we should learn how to draw it.

How to draw a sacred ibis step by step

Not the fact that it was specifically this type of ibis was worshiped by the Egyptians, but now scientists call them sacred.

We will draw in the classical sequence. First, you must draw a sketch.

When the sketch-plan is ready, we turn to drawing the torso of the bird: it has the form of a drop.

Ibis torso drawing

The tail looks like a lowered black brush. Legs, like those of other wetland birds are long and lean:

Sacred Ibis drawing step by step

The neck is long and curved, the head is round. And the most important characteristic of the ibis – big strong curved beak.

Ibis line drawing

A lot of coloring is not necessary: only the black neck and beak:

Ibis colored drawing

Scarlet Ibis drawing

How to draw a scarlet ibis bird.

This ibis also looks very typical and recognizable. The sequence of drawing is already well known to us.

Let’s start with a large oval body.

Scarlet Ibis drawing step by step

Legs are long with tenacious fingers.

Scarlet Ibis drawing lesson

The neck and head are similar to the stork, but the beak is very original – large and curved.

Ibis bird realistic drawing

Near-water birds such as pelican, flamingo and ibis feed on small red crustaceans. Pigment contained in the forage is accumulated and deposited in the feathers of these birds.

Ibis bird colored drawing/

Well, here we have learned to draw two kinds of ibises.

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