How to draw a Crane tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Crane.

The cranes are very beautiful birds, they can reach a weight of several kilograms. This is one of the heaviest flying birds. Crane, mostly stands knee-deep in the water waiting for fish or frogs that serve him food, either with a clumsy grace walks along the river or hunting in the swamp. In General, body shape and lifestyle of the crane are reminiscent of other wading birds – storks and herons . Their characteristic appearance is due to habitat.

The torso of the crane powerful and at the same time elegant, long curved neck and long thin legs. But let’s move on to drawing. Our first lesson is -how to draw a standing crane.


Draw a pencil sketch:

Crane pencil sketch

First, always draw the largest part -crane`s torso:

Crane`s torso

Now draw a thin curved neck:

Crane step by step

The head of the crane resembles the stork, but the beak is smaller and less powerful.

Crane drawing step by step

Characteristic to wading birds long legs:

Crane drawing 13

The wings and tail of the crane have long, soft, curly plumage that distinguish this bird from others with more rigid feathers.

Crane drawing

Draw a black beret on his head and the long feathers on the front of the neck – and it would be a great picture crane.

Crane drawing

The second lesson will tell you how to draw a crane, who hunts in the swamp.

Crane drawing

This lesson will be in the form of a gallery. Click images to enlarge.

Crane pencil outline Crane`s torso drawing
Crane step by step Crane`s head and neck drawing

And here is our final Crane drawing:

Crane drawing

I hope now you know how to draw a crane bird.

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