How to draw a Flamingo tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Flamingo.

Surely you all know how Flamingo looks: oval body, long legs, long neck, strange beak, and red color – that branded image of a Flamingo.But still,when you look at a picture of this bird you can not help wonder how grotesque it looks.

Flamingo drawing – lesson 1

I found a beautiful picture of Flamingo and decided to copy it as if in a mirror.

How to draw a Flamingo

Draw the overall outline of the figure:

Flamingo pencil sketch

The trunk is oval, but with pointed tail it takes the form of the drop.

Flamingo step by step.

The neck is curved like S and looks incredibly thin:

Flamingo phased drawing

The legs are very long and very thin.

Flamingo drawing lesson

They look so thin that it is not clear how they can support the weight of the body of the Flamingo. But in fact, it is even more surprising – Flamingo, like other semi-aquatic birds very often stands for hours on one leg and does not get tired. The Flamingo’s beak is adapted to filter a sludge from the bottom of reservoirs. Flamingos feed on worms and crustaceans that give their feathers red.

Flamingo drawing

Flamingo head drawing

Flamingo head looks very typical, in my opinion only these birds have such weird beaks.

How to draw flamingo`s head

On a thin neck the head seems disproportionate:

Flamingo head

And now add a huge curved down beak:

Flamingo`s head outline

Paint thus: the head is pink and the beak has a black tip:

Drawing of a flamingo`s head

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