How to draw an African ostrich

Let`s learn how to draw an ostrich. All of you probably know about the existence of these amazing huge flightless birds like ostriches. So are the American nandu and Australian emus with cassowary. But we will make the reservation that, with a great outward similarity, these all birds are not close relatives. From a scientific point of view, only African ostriches have the right to be called ostriches.

Ostrich drawing lesson 1

Here is a very expressive picture – let’s draw an African ostrich walking through the savannah. To begin with, let’s make the most general outline.

How to draw an ostrich

Now look carefully – if we managed to convey the proportions and movement. Do not rush – this sketch is the most important and responsible step in our drawing. Then let’s clarify the pencil sketch a little.

Ostrich pencil outline

That’s already like an ostrich and you can go to the main drawing. Let’s start, as expected, from the trunk – in the ostrich it is large, oval and located horizontally. The ostriches have wings, but they are reduced and are not suitable for flight.

Ostrich body drawing

Draw the legs, they are long and very powerful. A surprising aspect of the African ostrich is the fact that he has two fingers on his feet!

Ostrich drawing step by step

The tail of the ostrich resembles a … drooping broom. The neck is long and flexible, and on it is a very small, straight, tiny head.

Ostrich line drawing

Color the resulting picture as a sample:

Ostrich colored drawing

How to draw an ostrich with chalk

This is my school lesson, I taught students to draw a running ostrich.

Step 1.

How to draw an ostrich

Step 2.

Ostrich drawing tutorial

Step 3.

Running ostrich drawing lesson

Step 4.

Ostrich drawing step by step

Step 5.

Ostrich drawing

Well, we learned to draw an ostrich. I advise you to study the lessons:

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