How to draw a nightingale tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a nightingale

No doubt you have all heard of such a bird as a nightingale. And you know that the nightingale is famous for its amazing singing. Although I live in the city, but I walk along the embankment and there we have a grove in which two nightingales live, who arrange song battles in the evenings. I will not say that this is something amazing or epoch-making, but it sounds nice and it feels like the guys are trying hard. Only males sing.

But the appearance of the nightingales is not at all pompous, grayish modest type of birdie. Of course, if we are going to draw a nightingale, then everyone wants to portray him singing.

Nightingale drawing lesson 1

Agree that he has a very ordinary appearance.

How to draw a nightingale

Draw the body. It is usually thin, and in the photo he just inhaled into the lungs to sing loudly, so he ballooned:

Nightingale body drawing

The wings are located on the sides of the body and very slightly lowered, the tail bend.

Nightingale drawing lesson

The legs are rather long, thin and straight.

Nightingale drawing step-by step

The head is raised, the beak is wide open:

Nightingale outline

Coloring is gray, with a slight greenish.

Nightingale colored drawing

How to draw a Nightingale – lesson 2

 How to draw a Nightingale -2

Draw step by step, just as our first nightingale.

 Nightingale trunk drawing

Add a round head with big eyes and also an open beak.

Nightingale drawing tutorial

Now draw the wing and tail.

Nightingale step by step drawing tutorial.

And it remains to draw the legs of the nightingale and the twig on which it sits.

Nightingale line drawing 2

The colors are the same modest:

Nightingale colored drawing 2

Well, now you have learned how to draw a nightingale.


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