How to draw a Hawk tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a hawk.

Hawks are predatory birds hunting in the daytime. They have excellent eyesight, a powerful bill and claws.

First, let’s learn how to draw a hawk sitting.

Drawing of a seated hawk

It is clear that we draw from the photograph. Start with a sketch:

Draw a torso – it’s oval. Wings folded on its back look shortened:

Hawk torso drawing

The head with a large curved beak is tilted:

Hawk drawing step by step

Slender legs with long fingers curved claws:

Hawk drawing lesson

Add a tail and here we have a hawk drawing:

Hawk drawing

I almost forgot – we need to need to give him a hawkish look.

How to draw a flying hawk

How to draw a flying Hawk

Draw the hawk’s body:

Hawk`s body drawing

Draw the legs of a hawk:

Hawk drawing step by step

Wings of birds are similar to our hands and they bend almost the same type.

Hawk in a flight

But first we draw a tail, opened like a fan:

Hawk step by step

Distribute feathers on the left wing:

Hawk drawing step by step tutorial

And this is how our falcon looks when drawn entirely:

Hawk line drawing


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