How to draw a hoopoe tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a hoopoe.

Unfortunately I never met alive hoopoes. And always thought it was a bird the size of a Turkey, perhaps. But Wikipedia says only 30 cm body length. Not enough, but what colors!

How to draw a hoopoe walking the earth

Hoopoes fly well and very maneuverable, but if possible, prefer to travel by land.

Hoopoe sketch

The body shape of birds with folded back wings is usually ovalб or more precisely – in the form of drop.

Hoopoe drawing

Draw the wings and the tail down:

Hoopoe drawing step-by step

Short legs with strong big fingers:

Hoopoe drawing 3

Before that, everything was usual,as in all birds. But and original features – a long beak and a magnificent crest on the head.

Hoopoe line drawing

And now,when we paint a picture of a hoopoe, you have to agree that this bird cannot be confused with any other. Wide black and white stripes on the wings and tail and orange and black crest look very impressive.

Hoopoe colored drawing

And here is the hoopoe from the back:

Hoopoe colored picture

Here is step by step lesson how to draw this hoopoe.

Hoopoe pencil sketch

Hoopoe back view

Draw the head:

Hoopoe step-by step

And now paint it correctly:

Hoopoe drawing

Amazing! I really like this bird!

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