How to draw a Siskin bird

Let`s learn how to draw a siskin. Siskin is a bird of the ordinary appearance. So we are going to learn how to draw him, in order to learn how to draw birds at all. We will draw a siskin sitting on the ground.

According to the rules we need to start any drawing with making a sketch. So what we’ll do.

Siskin pencil sketch

Now do not rush.Pause and take another look at the sketch with fresh eyes to notice the flaws. If all OK, then we’ll continue.

Siskin drawing step-by-step

Plump body, short neck, large round head, short tail.

Siskin step by step

The legs are short, but with long tenacious fingers.

The eyes are large. like the other finches the beak is strong.

Siskin drawing

A bird like a bird, it’s hard to understand – either a Sparrow, or tit. But now we are going to color this picture and Siskin will be exactly a Siskin.

Siskin picture

Well, you learned how to draw a bird – Siskin on earth. How to draw a flying bird, you can read other step-by-step lessons:

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