How to draw a landrail(corncrake) tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a landrail. This bird is also called corncrake or simply crake.

I usually state with sadness that I have not seen in the life those animals or birds about which I write drawing lessons. But the situation with the corncrake is better – I was lucky, I heard his voice many times and even he himself ran past me in the grass. However, due to surprise, I hardly noticed it. Therefore, we will still draw basing on the photos.

Landrail(corncrake) drawing lesson 1

Crake is a bird of the rail family. Rallidae are also called 1) meadow chickens 2) mud hens. And it must be said that There is something chicken in it, the corncrake really looks like a quail, or a partridge.

How to draw a landrail

The body has a middle shape between the oval and the triangle.

Landrail drawing lesson

The neck is long, apparently very mobile. The head is round and small with large eyes and strong conical beak.

Landrail drawing step by step

Corncrakes have wings as a fact, but they avoid flying in every possible way and run well. The legs are sturdy with long fingers.

Landrail line drawing

Let`s color the landrail outline:

Landrail colored picture

Corncrake(landrail) drawing lesson 2

In all the pictures, corncrakes look very, very much the same. But we want to learn how to draw, for example, birds, in principle. Therefore, we find a photo, where the landrail, at least is turned in the other direction.

Corncrake drawing tutorial

Draw a triangle body. The wings are folded on the back so that they are not at all visible. I did not expect, but corncrakes, who by all means only want to walk, are still migratory birds and successfully fly to Africa for the winter.

 Corncrake boy drawing

The neck is thin and the head is with a very strong beak:

Landrail step by step drawing tutorial

Draw the legs:

Landrail(corncrake) drawing

Coloring is reddish-brown, spotty.

Landrail(corncrake ) colored drawing

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