How to draw a woodpecker tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a woodpecker.

There are many types of woodpeckers. We will learn how to draw a Great Spotted Woodpecker, which lives in Eurasia and Africa and the red-headed American Woodpecker.

Step-by-step Great Spotted Woodpecker drawing lesson

I found an expressive picture on the Internet and now I draw from the sample:

At each stage of drawing, I carefully compare the sample and my picture. I begin, of course, with a pencil sketch. Having convinced that the proportions are transferred correctly I turn to further drawing.

Woodpecker pencil sketch

Woodpecker`s body drawing

The body of woodpeckers is stocky and strong. The head is oval with a long conical beak, with which woodpeckers hummer the bark of trees. To put a strong blow the woodpecker is resting its tail on the tree trunk, it is clear that its tail is also very strong.


Woodpecker drawing lesson

Woodpecker outline

The tenacious paws have four fingers – two pointing forward and two backwards. All woodpeckers are very motley birds usually black and white with red spots.

Woodpecker drawing

Let’s paint this picture of the woodpecker correctly, as in the photo:

Woodpecker colored drawing

Our next lesson on how to draw a woodpecker will be dedicated to a relative of “Woody Woodpecker”.

Red -headed Woodpecker drawing lesson

Woodpecker(Campephilus) drawing

The drawing steps are exactly the same.

American Woodpecker pencil sketch

American woodpecker body drawing

Head is topped with a sharp triangular crest.

 American woodpecker step by step

Red-headed Woodpecker

Here we have a linear drawing:

Woodpecker outline -13

This woodpecker has dark wings, a light belly and a bright red head:

Red-header Woodpecker colored drawing

Well, have you learned well how to draw a woodpecker?

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