How to draw a Crow tutorial

Ho to draw a Crow.

The crow is a bird that is a distant relative of the raven and rook. These three birds have a fairly similar body shape. And if you consider that their color is usually black, then it is difficult to distinguish them. However, we were lucky-we have gray crows and we can identify them unmistakably.

Crow drawing lesson

1. Pencil sketch.

2. The body is oval, but because of the feathers at the base of the legs, it seems triangular.Crow body drawing

3. The head is large and brainy, so the crows are clever and smart. The eyes are large and watchful. The conical beak is also large and strong – no one can be happy if the crow pecks him.

Crow body and head drawing

4. Draw the folded wings.

Crow drawing lesson

5. Legs are long enough for a crow to walk or jump wide.

Crow line drawing

6. Our crows have ashen-gray torso. The head, wings and tail are black.

Crow colored drawing.

You can see one more step-by-step lesson how to draw a crow HERE.

Crow drawing -2



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