How to draw a Kingfisher Kookaburra tutorial

How to draw a Kingfisher Kookaburra.

Although I have never had a chance to visit Australia, since my childhood I really love the kingfisher laughing Kukkabarra. Mother read me a story about Gecko and his opponent Kookaburra. And although in the tale the laughing kingfisher was shown to be a notorious villain, I loved and worried about him much more than about the positive Gecko. And today I have a chance to at least learn how to draw my favorite bird.

Kingfisher Kookaburra drawing lesson 1

I hope you have already firmly grasped that before taking up a beautiful drawing, you must draw a schematic sketch with a pencil.

How to draw a Kingfisher- Kookaburra

Never start to draw step by step without having a good design. Then we can with peace of mind to draw in the details.

Draw the body with folded wings. And note, since our model is sitting on a branch, then we immediately need to indicate this its perch :

Kingfisher Kookaburra body drawing

Draw the wide tail and paws with clinging fingers:

Kingfisher Kookaburra drawing lesson

Kookaburra has a big head, even a very big one. Moreover, with a hefty curved beak.

Kingfisher- Kookaburra line drawing

We made a linear drawing. Now we have to paint properly.

Kingfisher- Kookaburra colored drawing

Yes, I agree that in this half mask it looks very ominous. And if you consider that he also laughs terribly … Now let’s draw a kookaburra in profile.

Kingfisher Kookaburra drawing lesson 2

Kingfisher- Kookaburra drawing tutorial

The order of drawing we always have the same – first we need to draw the largest part.

Kingfisher- Kookaburra step by step drawing tutorial

Draw the structure of the wings and tail like a folded fan.

Kingfisher- Kookaburra drawing tutorial

Draw legs … Oh, I very nearly forgot to show the branch on which the kingfisher sits.

Kingfisher Kookaburra -body, wings and legs

When viewed from the side, the head of the kookabarra looks even larger.

Kingfisher- Kookaburra outline

We will color as we see on the sample. Kingfisher- Kookaburra colored drawing

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