How to draw a Goldcrest tutorial

How to draw a goldcrest.

Goldcrest is a relative of the beef, but it is very small and in size it can only be compared with a hummingbird. On the top of tht head there is a bright yellow or orange strip – crest or “crown”? so the bird is also called regulus.

Goldcrest drawing – lesson 1

1. Pencil sketch:

Goldcrest pencil sketch


2. Draw the body – Due to loose plumage the bird seems almost round:

Goldcrest step by step drawing

3. The head is drawn into the shoulders and the bird looks very cartoonish:

Regulus drawing

4. Legs are thin with long clawed fingers:

 Goldcrest drawing lesson

5. Tiny wings and tail look very toy.Goldcrest pencil outline

6. The body is painted in a gray-green color. On the wings there are black and white stripes. A bright yellow band on the head.

Goldcrest colored drawing

Goldcrest drawing step by step – lesson 2

1.Pencil a sketch:

Goldcrest pencil sketch

2. Draw oval body:

Wren drawing

3. Add the head with a black tiny eye and a small beak:

Regulus drawing step by step

4. Outline legs:

Regulus drawing lesson

5. The wings and tail stick out:

Goldcrest(regulus) drawing

6. Color our Goldcrest drawing correctly:

Goldcrest drawing -2

Now you know well how to draw a Goldcrest.

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