How to draw a Toucan tutorial

How to draw a toucan. This is a lesson from the series “Exotic birds drawing”.

It is unlikely that many of us have had the good fortune to see a tukan bird in life. But the fact is, we all know about them, this bird is very famous. The reason for this popularity is their huge beak!

Very impressive appearance.

So, we are going to learn how to draw a toucan. We will draw this toucan :

TToucan pictures

The first step is to sketch with a pencil.

Toucan pencil sketch

Draw the body:

Toucan body drawing

Small head with an incredibly large beak is mounted on a strong neck.

Toucan body and head draing

Toucans are relatives of woodpeckers. But do not think that they can chop wood with a beak, like a sledge hammer. Although the beak is large, but it is light and porous and the toucan can only eat fruit. However, the toucan`s legs are very similar to the legs of woodpeckers – two of the four fingers pointing forward and two – backward.

Toucan drawing lesson

The short tail is cut straight, and I think, if necessary, it can serve as a support, as well as the tail of a woodpecker.

Toucan line draing

The Toucan feather has a bright coloring – the body is black with white spots, the head and neck are usually white or yellow, the beak can be painted in the most unexpected way.

Toucan colored draing.

If you want to learn how to draw a toucan, here are two more step-by-step lessons:

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