How to draw a stork step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Stork.

When I was going to draw pictures for the lesson how to draw a stork, I got really into and spent the whole evening drawing storks and cranes and herons. The next day I began to review the pictures and thought they were all so similar! How could I know the difference? Not good to give the image of a crane for the picture of the stork, right?

So I rushed to read Wikipedia to distinguish who is who in my pictures. It turned out that storks and cranes except that have huge differences in lifestyle and habits, just have little differences in appearance. Both these birds are long-legged and long-necked with a long tweezer-like beak.

But the stork‘s beak is thicker and more powerful. The crane has long curly feathers on the wings so it looks sleeker. The stork feathers are stiff and unadorned. And there are differences in the distribution of black spots on the body. Having all this information I’m pretty sure I will teach you how to draw the stork specifically.

Stork drawing – lesson 1

Our stork will look like this:

Stork drawing

In the sketch, indicate the body shape, length and direction of the neck and legs, the contour of the head and beak:

Stork sketch

Now you can start to draw the torso – it’s pretty big and almost looks massively:

Stork step by step

Add long legs with knobby knees. The legs are, honestly, right in the middle of the trunk. I suppose it’s for the best balance:

Stork drawing step by step

And now the neck and head with a strong beak. Stork drawing

But stork is not devoid of a kind of graceit is well to bend the neck very nicely.

Stork drawing -13

This tutorial how to draw a stork will be in the form of step-by-step gallery. Click images to enlarge.
Stork pencil outline Stork torso drawing
Stork phased drwing Stork drawing
To complete the picture – draw a beautiful head with open beak: Stork drawing

Stork`s head drawing

Let us learn in detail how to draw the head of a stork. Look at the picture and make a schematic sketch.

How to draw a stork head

The neck is long and graceful, the head is almost round:

 Stork head step by step

The eyes are large, sharp-sighted. The beak is large, powerful, broad and long:

Stork head line drawing

Paint the beak of a stork red:

Stork head colored drawing

Now you surely know how to draw a stork.

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