How to draw a grouse bird

let`s learn how to draw a Grouse.

Honestly: before, I could hardly distinguish who is who, what distinguishes grouse, wood-grouse, black grouse, partridge and other wild fowl.
capercaillie drawing -1

With a cursory examination, you immediately notice that the body of this bird is exactly the same as that of a rooster, peacock or turkey.

Wood-grouse body drawing

Next we will draw the feet of the blackgrouse — they are powerful with long fingers and covered with feathers so as not to freeze.

Wood-grouse feet drawing

Theblack grouse’s neck is stretched forward. The head, like his other galliformes relatives, is small. But protruding feathers on the neck, similar to a non-combed beard and a large curved beak visually enlarge it.

Wood-grouse head drawing

The tail of the black grouse is original, it is not similar to other tails. Its structure is reminiscent of a fan made of straight rigid feathers.
Wood-grouse tail drawing

Now we need to draw a few minor details of the feathers and the grouse will be ready.

Wood-grouse - outline

It remains only to color the contour drawing correctly.

Wood-grouse colored drawing

Now you know how to draw a black grouse.


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