How to draw a Pigeon tutorial

How to draw a Pigeon. Pigeon is the most common city bird. In the city squares you can often see people pouring crumbs to them. Large and unceremonious pigeons eagerly peck directly from under their feet and even from their hands. We have a bird feeder outside the window and it is only necessary to throw bread there, as several pigeons arrive. They heavily land on the cornice and start feasting, cooing and flirting at the same time


Standing pigeon drawing step by step lesson

Step 1. Pencil sketch.

Step 2. Detail the initial sketch.

Pigeon pencil sketch -2

Step 3. Draw the body of the bird. Its shape is almost oval, which is characteristic of birds. But during drawing, we need to pay attention to the location of this body in space – the standing pigeon keeps the body at about 45 degrees angle.

Pigeon body draing

Step 4. Head and neck drawing. The pigeon has a strong conical neck of medium length. The head is small, with a little slightly curved beak, round arrogant eyes and an impending forehead.

Pigeon head and face drawing

Step 5. The legs are short and strong.

Pigeon drawing step by step

Step 6. Draw the wings and tail.

Pigeon outline

Step 7. Color the picture of a pigeon. The city pigeon usually has a gray-bluish color. On the wings there are two dark stripes. As a rule, the head, neck and chest are gray with a greenish, yellowish or purple metallic tint.

Pigeon colored drawing

Step by step Pigeon drawing lesson 2

Pigeon pencil schema

When the generalized pencil diagram is ready, then the drawing is carried out according to the usual scheme – first the largest parts, then the minor details.

Step 1- oval body:

How todraw a pigeon

Step 2 – сonical neck, crowned with a small head with a small (but very sharp) beak.

Easy pigeon drawing

Step 3 -short legs with spread fingers:

 How to draw a Pigeon for kids

Step4 -tail and folded wings:

Pigeon drawing

And let`s paintour Pigeon picture:

Pigeon colored drawing

How to draw a pigeon head

As I work as a drawing teacher, I show my students how to draw on a blackboard.

Step 1:

Pigeon head drawing lesson

Step 2:

Pigeon head drawing step by step

Step 3:

Pigeon head drawing

Now you know well how to draw a Pigeon step by step.

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