How to draw a Cockatoo parrot tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Cockatoo parrot.

Cockatoo drawing lesson 1

The distinctive and most prominent feature of Cockatoo is their high crest and unique beak structure. But we, of course, will begin to draw a bird not with these, although important details. Of course, we will start drawing from a sketch.

Cockatoo drawing lesson

Draw a body with wings folded on its back. And at once we will finish the tail – it looks like an organic continuation of the body, and not a separate part.

Cockatoo body drawing

Draw a face with a beak. Wikipedia says that the beak of Kakadu is very original, the lower part is wider than the top. True, I looked at a lot of photos and did not see anything like that, in the view of the dilettante – just a parrot beak – big and curved.
Cockatoo parrot drawing lesson

When you draw the legs, remember that in the parrots two fingers are directed forward and two – back.

 Cjckatoo parrot step by step drawing

And here we finally got to the famous tuft of standing fluffy feathers:

Cockatoo outline

This cockatoo is white with a yellow crest, so that we will not get tired of coloring:

Cockatoo colored drawing

Of course, it is not difficult to draw a bird quietly standing in profile. But can you draw a bird with outspread wings?

Cockatoo step-by-step drawing lesson 2

How to draw a Cockatoo 1

At first, however, we draw not the wings, but the body.

Cockatoo body drawing -1

Hmm, there’s something chicken in his body. But the head is indeed grand and elegant.

Сockatoo head drawing

Cockatoo step by step draiwing tutorial

Draw the legs with fingers and the branch on which the parrot sits.

Cockatoo drawing -7

The right wing:

The wing drawing

The left wing and the tail:

Cockatoo line drawing 7

Let`s paint our outline:

Cockatoo colored drawing

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