How to draw a Swift bird tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Swift(bird).

If you look in the sky in the summer, you will see many long-winged birds with forked tails. These are familiar birds for us – swallows and swifts. They are very similar to each other, but, oddly enough, they are not relatives. A similar habitat and way of life formed a superficial resemblance. About swallows, we’ll talk in another lesson, and today our theme: how to draw a swift.


Flying Swift step-by-step drawing

We’ll find a good photo of swift and start copying. Sketch in pencil. Never skip this step – the sketch must be done necessarily and by all means.

How to draw a Swift

When good-quality design is ready, you can consider that half the job done.All the rest is no longer difficult.

Draw a fusiform body streamlined by-it resembles the body of the fish.

Swiwt body drawing

The swift has very long wings, when they are straightened, they resemble a crescent moon.Swift bird drawing lessonBearing surface of the wings is large enough. Swifts can be in flight for days and weeks without sitting down.

Swiwt drawing lesson

he forked tail is designed for support when the swift is sitting. The head is not separated from the trunk by the neck. The eyes are literally huge, and the beak is tiny. Though the mouth goes off like … like a hippo’s mouth.

Swift line drawing

Lightly color our swift`s outline:

Swift colored drawing

How to draw a Swift in a flight – lesson 2

How to draw a swift bird flying

Schematic pencil drawing:

How todraw a Swift Bird


The body resembles the shape of a fish.The tail is also bifurcated like the tail fin of fish:

Swift bird drawing tutorial

The wings are wide:


Flying swift bird bittom view

The wings resemble a sickle or scythe:

Swift Bird outline


And now color the swift-bird:

Swift Bird colored drawing


Well, now you know how to draw a swift in flight.

How to draw a swift head

How to draw a Swift head

What a cute and compunctionate, right?

Swift head drawing

The head is oval-streamlined. The neck does not stand out.

Swift eyes drawing

Beautiful eyes – large and expressive.

 Swiwt head line drawing

Add shadows:

How-to-draw-the-head-of-swift-666 016

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