How to draw a Sparrow

Let`s learn how to draw a sparrow. There is no doubt that everyone knows how Sparrow looks because it is a widespread bird and besides sparrows with pleasure settle near human habitations.

Sparrow drawing lesson

Although sparrows are everywhere we can’t draw them from life because they are very nimble and restless birds.

How to draw a sparrow

It is not hard to draw a sketch of the Sparrow – this bird looks simple and pretty ordinary. Sparrow, like the other small birds, has an oval or teardrop shape of the torso.

Sparrow step by step

The tail is straight and has medium length. The head is round with round black eyes and beak, although small but strong and even slightly bent at the end. The feet are large, three clawed toes are directed forward and one back.

Sparrow drawing

Well ,we carefully drew, just some kind of bird at all. ut we need a recognizable portrait of Sparrow.

And this we will achieve through a specific sparrow coloring. Light gray abdomen, brown-speckled wings, a black beret on the head and a black stripe under the chin.

Sparrow colored drawing

And here’s another picture of the Sparrow:

Sparrow colored drawing

Now you know how to draw a Sparrow – that little frisky urban bird.



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