How to draw a Penguin tutorial

Penguins are birds living in the extreme South. Although it seems paradoxical, but it is very cold there. Therefore penguins are birds adapted to the fierce frost and life on the ice and in the icy water. They have forgotten how to fly but swim expertly as a fish.

Penguin draing lesson 1

Let`s learn how to draw a Penguin. I will draw this one:

Penguin pencil sketch

I draw looking at the picture on the monitor and periodically compare the resulting image with the sample.

Penguin step by step drawing

Like other birds, penguins walk on two legs, and at the same time they have mastered walking upright like people. The trunk is thick and the penguin is holding it vertically. The head is round.

Penguin drawing lesson

The wings turned into flippers which resemble the forelimbs of sea turtles.

Penguin drawing -2

Short legs with long fingers and webbed between them.

Penguin drawing -3

The penguins have color which is very characteristic of many aquatic animals -black back and white belly. Of course,on land, such a coloring does not mask but it gives the penguins to be almost invisible in the water.

Penguin drawing

How to draw a macaroni penguin

These penguins differ from counterparts in that they have on their heads golden crest.

Step 1 – pencil outline:

Macaroni penguin pencil drawing

Step 2 – body and fin-like wings:

macaroni penguin body drawing

Step 3 – wide webbed feet with powerful claws:

 macaroni pengin drawing step by step

Step 4 – neck is short and invisible, the head is fairly large, round with a large beak^

Macaroni penguin drawing lesson

Step 5 – head is decorated with long feathers^

Macaroni penguin line draing

Step 6 – color the picture of the penguin:

Macaroni penguin colored picture.

Well, we learned how to draw a penguin on land.

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