How to draw a Raven tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Raven.

The Raven is mysterious, the mythical bird, he is the hero of many myths and fairy tales. This is understandable – this large, entirely black bird looks very impressive. Surprisingly, the Raven is a relative of the Sparrow, and even refers to passerine. The raven is also related to crows and ignorant people often confuse them.

Raven step by step drawing lesson 1

  1. Schematic generalized outline

Raven pencil sketch

2. To better understand, let’s show the structure of the bird.

 Rawen pencil outline

3. We proceed to step-by-step draing of the raven. Draw the body:

Rawen to draw

4. Round head with a large powerful beak:

Rawen draing lessson

4. Strudy legs:

Crow drawing

5. Add folded wing.

Rawen phased drawing

6. Draw the tail.

Rawen line drawing

7. Ravens are usually black as night:

Raven colored drawing

Raven drawing lesson 2

Preliminary pencil sketch:

Rawen pencil sketch

First, draw the torso:

Raven step by step

Two sturdy legs with long, clawed fingers:

Raven bird drawing

The most obvious distinguishing feature of the Raven is a great strong beak and feathers on the throat like a beard.

Raven drawing step by step

Draw the tail and folded back wings:

Rawen line drawing

As we have said Raven is totally black.

Rawen colored drawing


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