How to draw a bullfinch tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Bullfinch. Everyone will agree with me – bullfinch is a very cute bird.

Bullfinches come to our city in the winter. Don’t know where they summered, but it is clear that they like to spend the winter on our mountain ash trees. Hundreds of plump red balls jump from branch to branch and disembowel bunches of berries. Then for a change they fly to feast on the seeds of the ash or lilac. And then it becomes clear that the bullfinch is good not only for its red breast, but its a strong powerful beak.

But let’s start to draw.

Although we just now touted beautiful color and a strong beak we will begin to draw not with these nice parts ,but with generalized sketch.

Bullfinch pencil sketch

Here’s our picture: bullfinch sitting on a twig. When in school we learn to draw birds,I see that it is difficult for children to understand how to position the torso in a sitting bird. Because it keeps the body not vertically(as human)and not horizontally(like animals). The bird sits on a branch leaning slightly forward.

Our bullfinch is very plump, almost round. He folded little wings on the back.

Bullfinch drawing step by step

The neck is not visible, and round head is located on the shoulders. The eyes are large(and probably sharp).The beak is very powerful even at a glance.

Bullfinch step by step.

The tail also looks short and plump:

Bullfinch drawing 13

We just have to draw the legs with fingers grasping a twig.

Bullfinch line picture

And in order to make you believe it really is a bullfinch,we paint it correctly.

Bullfinch colored drawing

Bullfinch drawing – lesson 2

Step 1 – pencil sketch:

How to draw a bullfinch

Step 2 – draw the body and the wing:

Bullfinch drawing step by step-6

Step 3 – outline the legs (threee fingers are pointed forward? and one – backward):

Bullfinch drawing tutorial

Step 4 – draw the tail:

Bullfinch step by step

Step 5 – it seems that the bullfinches have a short neck. The head seems to be a continuation of the shoulders.

Bullfinch line drawing

Step 6 -color our line diagram:

Bullfinch colored drawing

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